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One of the most important aspects of you website is its security. For this reason, Flexoweb only supports the top three merchant gateway providers.  When a potential customer visits your website they need to have confidence when entering any charge card information. This is why you can be proud to display one of these merchant gateway logos on your website. Any one of the above merchant gateways are known throughout the Internet as a safe gateway for charge card processing.  Flexoweb also has direct interfaces built-in to communicate back to these merchant gateways, making it a snap to release funds directly into your company's checking account.


PayPal has two options to choose from: 1) PayPal express which links directly with PayPal and the customer pays for your products from their PayPal account. This is a nice option to offer your consumer customers that might not have a charge card. 2) PayPal Pro which allows you to accept charge cards that will be processed through the PayPal merchant gateway and also allows for the PayPal express option. 


FirstData works with many banks. Contact your bank to see if they support FirstData web service gateway options. Please note using this gateway requires a separate Flexoweb setup fee.   

Authorize.Net is one of the largest merchant gateways, they support all payment options and are easy to configure directly from their secure website portal. Flexoweb is an Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller; you can sign up from this website (waving Flexoweb setup fees) by clicking on the image to your left. Once approved your website can start accepting charge card information securely which will be processed by the secure servers.


If you're planning to only sell your products to the wholesale market and don't want your wholesale buyers to enter their charge card information, Flexoweb has an option to process orders without a charge card. You can either shut down the charge card processing screen for all wholesale buyers or specific buyers; when these buyers login all charge card activity will be disabled.  If you decide to use this feature, then you will negotiate payment options directly with the buyer. Use this option when your buyers are factored, pay on terms or when processing charge card activity outside of the system. Payment selection can easily be added to the order confirmation email that Flexoweb sends; here the buyer can select payment options then fax those options back to your sales department.

You can mix and match any payment option for any type of customer. Flexoweb can be configured where consumers are required to enter charge card information and  wholesale buyers are not. With Flexoweb you are always in control and can configure the system to your business requirements.     

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  "The Flexoweb sales tool is extremely user friendly. Our wholesalers like utilizing this tool to view our product line at their convenience, and the Flexoweb customer service team is quick to respond to any issue."   "I have very limited knowledge of computers and different software, yet was able to "develop" and set up our brand new wholesale web site in about a day and a half - from beginning to end. The Flexoweb Staff was always available and very patient with all my questions."   "Flexoweb allows us to easily adjust/change our online product offerings by a click of the mouse; the functionality and built in SEO (search engine optimization) has improved our position on Google and across the Internet resulting in increased sales”  
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  Molly Richardson, Owner
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