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 Customer/Buyer Management Tool  

"The Customer/Buyer Management Tool provides an easy interface to interact with your customers. Perhaps you viewed wholesale login statistics and found certain buyers were abusing their login privilege; no problem, just shut them out by deactivating their login. Reward good customers with special order discounts or volume level product discounts, create multiple departments then separate your buyers into groups (consumers, small boutiques, large retailers, chain stores, etc.)."

Flexoweb makes easy work of handling different aspects of your customers. When running a consumer and wholesale site many factors vary depending on the type of customer; rest assured Flexoweb is up to the challenge.  Want to interface with your accounting software and need your internal accounting reference codes? No problem, just use one of the extra built in fields, there are six available. Small customers having difficulties meeting necessary minimum order requirements; no problem, reset their minimum limit at anytime.  Going to a tradeshow? - why not create a generic login code to handout to new potential buyers making it easy for them to visit the wholesale side of your website; don't worry, you can shutdown the order processing capabilities by placing this login code into catalog mode. Sending out a mailer or email blast? - why not include a generic login code so new buyers can look before committing to the signup process. It's never been easier using the Customer/Buyer Management Tool built into Flexoweb.


Available features...

1) Request a view list of all in-active buyers, then easily approve and email their approval status.
2) Move buyers between departments allowing different items or price levels (great for the wholesale side of your business).
3) Hide pricing for those difficult buyers (these are the type of buyers where the price is never low enough).
4) Quickly retrieve any buyers login and password (nice feature when the buyer asks your sales force to place an order on their behalf).
5) Override minimum purchase requirements for the small boutique buyers (small wholesale customers might require special needs).
6) Assign a sales rep(s) to any buyer (when the buyer places an order the sales rep(s) can also be notified via email).
7) Easily deactivate any buyer with the click of your mouse (nice way to get the attention of a troubled buyer).
8) Create a generic login code and force to catalog mode allowing buyers to see products and pricing only (hand out at tradeshows or send via email or postcard).
9) Create separate input fields to download to a spreadsheet with all order information (use to interface with your accounting software).
  Plus so much more...

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  QUALITY, SERVICE AND VALUE  ( More Testimonials )
  "The Flexoweb sales tool is extremely user friendly. Our wholesalers like utilizing this tool to view our product line at their convenience, and the Flexoweb customer service team is quick to respond to any issue."   "I have very limited knowledge of computers and different software, yet was able to "develop" and set up our brand new wholesale web site in about a day and a half - from beginning to end. The Flexoweb Staff was always available and very patient with all my questions."   "Flexoweb allows us to easily adjust/change our online product offerings by a click of the mouse; the functionality and built in SEO (search engine optimization) has improved our position on Google and across the Internet resulting in increased sales”  
  Thierry Goyer, President
  Molly Richardson, Owner
Polish Pottery
  Ed Collica, President
The Lighting Center
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