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I am thrilled with my new website from FlexOWeb and with the FlexOWeb team! I needed to replace my old website which was very limited, the many functions and features that FlexOWeb offers made them the right choice for my new website. The click to zoom feature is a terrific enhancement to see the detail in my jewelry and the ability to suggest complimentary pieces for each design, is an added selling feature. Their patience and continued support as we developed and loaded the website was so important to a novice like me and the ease of use for my customers is even better. I am so glad I made the switch to FlexOWeb. 

Robin Steele
Robin Steele, Inc.


As a wholesale clothing company, Isle Apparel has been using FlexOweb for several years now and we are very happy with the power, flexibility and ease of use this product offers in real-time mode. Our customers find it easy, fast and efficient and we consistently get positive feedback. We are very happy with the back-end support we get from the FlexOweb team. We would strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a web presence they control in-house.

Chad Kozan
Isle Apparel


I just wanted to mention how thrilled we are with the new version of FlexOweb...

This is our only form of advertisement and it has been powerful.  Our customers use it readily and we also get MANY new customers from this site as well.  In addition to the ease of using the system, your customer support has been superb!  You and the staff have been most accommodating every time I have called on you and I truly thank you for that.

Debra Merritt
Vandermark Merritt Glass


Based in California, we implemented FlexOweb back in 2006 and are very satisfied with this product for the following reasons:

1. Easy to use both for consumers and our company.
2. Flexible to make price changes, product changes, images revisions.
3. Back end support is extremely strong.
4. Different reports are available for management analysis which are extremely useful to make correct business decisions.
5. Strong support team to help with questions that we have – extremely important.
6. Upgrades are always available.

We are extremely happy having FlexOweb for our business.

Mei Lien Chang
Vice President
Duck House, Inc.


We just love the website and how there are so many different programs/functions to improve the sales and appeal of the website that was created for us. In addition, our customers just love the way the functionality is so dummy proof, from the easy to use interface to their customer service Flexoweb has got it all.

Party Time Formals


The interface is very comprehensive and easy to use, yet it offers a large amount of functions. Our customers feel comfortable using the site. What has been exceptional about FlexOweb however is that they are always available to help, provide amazing customer service, and update and add new features to the site very often. They are the true professionals in their field.

Gabriela Harvey
Jamari International Ltd.


Flexoweb has been and is a true partner. Over the many years we have worked together, they always listened to us and provided the solutions to our needs. They are committed to sound business principles and consistently deliver on what they promise.

Emre Oksan
Oxan Inc.


Has a lot of functions to customize the website and very easy to use, and if you run into any issues you will always get great customer support.
Did a lot of shopping for a host and found that Flexoweb was very affordable and has a lot of very useful functions.

Sung Park
Staccato has been using FlexOWeb’s program for 4 years. Just as the program name implies, FlexOWeb is a very flexible and easy to use program when creating and managing your website. The support staff has always been readily available and helpful in response to any question. is constantly adding new rhinestone jewelry items to its website and FlexOWeb’s ease in creating new inventory items makes managing our website seem effortless. One of the website features our customers find most helpful is the variety of image sizes they can view of each product. FlexOWeb’s product image management makes uploading images a breeze. The ability to enlarge images allows our customers to see the smallest details of each rhinestone jewelry piece.

Mary Sue
Glamour Goddess Jewelry


I Kudos to Flexoweb. Any novice can make a great professional looking website on Flexoweb. I find so many simple and user friendly features to design and update my website and great response from our customers.

Warm Regards
Ranjit Bhusry,
Kobler Inc.


It’s not every day you come across a product that is powerful but still easy to use. Implementing FlexOweb™ was a wise business decision increasing revenues and helping grow our business. We really enjoy using the product and our buyers give us positive feedback on the ease of use and speed of our website. We like receiving the product updates which introduce new features giving us new ideas and strategies for our business. I also know whenever I call with a question, I speak with a live person not a recording.”

Elias Abadi, Owner

I have been using Flexoweb for about a year. At first I was hesitant about signing up, thinking that it would be a hard task to maintain my website. However I am very glad that I did. The customer support patiently helped in every aspect, to have me learn how to do things. After a few sessions, I found out how easy it is to edit and update my website. Our website has been a great tool for creating additional business and our buyers are very happy with its ease of use and functionality.
Raymond Haghighi
H2O Collection & Kafe

Flexoweb has given us a strong online presence with an easy to navigate, professional look.  Our customers, both retail and wholesale, are able to zoom in to really see our jewelry and know exactly what they are buying.

They can also access other pages through the website to be informed about pearls and upcoming sales very simply.  For us, it is very easy for us to update information, prices, photos, etc, whenever we want to, and their technical support is always available to give us technical help if we need it.

Eco Opulence

Flexoweb has been a game changer for our company.   Flexoweb allows our company to have a highly visible web presence, increase our wholesale account base and finally has allowed us to have an online retail store that is scalable, easy to navigate, and SEO friendly – Prior to Flexoweb, we had no experience in running a web site, and we were a bit intimidated at the prospect of having to manage an additional layer to our business– I knew however that one very important aspect in growing our brand was online. 

Flexoweb has proven time and again to have been a catalyst in our survival in these very difficult economic times – I highly encourage anyone who is interested in adding direct retail to their wholesale business to take full advantage of what Flexoweb has to offer – In addition, Flexoweb customer’s service has been impeccable in the 2 ½ years that we have been using their services, and coming from someone who deals with both retailers and consumers on a daily basis, that speaks volume. 

Having both retail and wholesale online means that we are able to maximize our retail sales, generate sales leads from other retailers both nationally and internationally and be more visibly accessible for press.  In other words, having an online presence through Flexoweb has allowed us to look and act bigger than we actually are. 

Finally our ROI with Flexoweb has been nothing short of spectacular and I expect to continue on monetizing this great tool that is Flexoweb.

Philippe Andre
Managing Partner
Tepper Jackson
Flexoweb has allowed Fiesta to leverage the internet as a powerful sales and marketing tool. The “warm and fuzzy” feeling we needed to capture Fiesta’s line of stuffed animals and plush toys, was captured using your product. Although working from a template, we were able to customize our site’s look, and convey the creative fun side of our toys. Since our launch, Fiesta has increased traffic to its site, dramatically increased wholesale sales, and opened up numerous new wholesale accounts. Working with Flexoweb was the right decision – no programming required, no software to download, free technical support, user friendly navigation, flexibility to customize the appearance of our storefront.

I am excited about the end results of the product, and extremely impressed with the your company's professionalism, patience, and quick response to any concerns I have, again for all of your help - everyone is very pleased...and we are all proud to send customers and consumers to our website.
Suzanne Hammond
Marketing Director
Ko’s Menswear is a trendy men’s wear wholesaler in New York City. Our wholesale website of approximately 500 items was constructed in a single day and we started receiving orders with-in the first week.
Edmond Ebrahimi
The Flexoweb sales tool is extremely user friendly” quoted by Thierry Goyer, President of Eurokids, a wholesaler for children’s apparel. "Our wholesalers like utilizing this tool to view our product line at their convenience, and the Flexoweb customer service team is quick to respond to any issue. This product will benefit any business looking to show products online.
Thierry Goyer, President
Flexoweb has been a tremendous benefit to our online business and has increased our store’s walk in traffic. The product allows us to easily adjust/change our online product offerings by a click of the mouse; the functionality and built in SEO (search engine optimization) has improved our position on Google and across the Internet resulting in increased sales.
Ed Collica, President
The Lighting Center

Peregrine Group International is delighted with our continuing technical relationship with FlexOweb and Technical Advancement. We have found that FlexOweb offers us the ease of editing and updating our site ourselves saving us valuable time and expense. Our site’s inventory assortment of women’s cosmetic and travel accessories is always in a constant state of flux. As product become available or items sell out, we can easily update the site keeping our assortment fresh and in real time saving our customers from writing orders for stock that does not exist. Our site is easy to navigate and our customers appreciate having the option to view our selection in a variety of sort options. We love it!

Peregrine Group International, LLC

I have very limited knowledge of computers and different software, yet was able to "develop" and set up our brand new wholesale web site in about a day and a half - from beginning to end - with the support teams help. They were always available and very patient with all my questions. That has continued to be true with additional product introduction and changes. We had customers coming to our site within two days of bringing it on-line, and have been taking orders from it ever since.
Molly Richardson, Owner
Polish Pottery Buyer
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  "The Flexoweb sales tool is extremely user friendly. Our wholesalers like utilizing this tool to view our product line at their convenience, and the Flexoweb customer service team is quick to respond to any issue."   "I have very limited knowledge of computers and different software, yet was able to "develop" and set up our brand new wholesale web site in about a day and a half - from beginning to end. The Flexoweb Staff was always available and very patient with all my questions."   "Flexoweb allows us to easily adjust/change our online product offerings by a click of the mouse; the functionality and built in SEO (search engine optimization) has improved our position on Google and across the Internet resulting in increased sales”  
  Thierry Goyer, President
  Molly Richardson, Owner
Polish Pottery
  Ed Collica, President
The Lighting Center
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