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eCatalog Buyers Marketing Tool Customer/Buyer Management Tool Screen Preferences Tool
With eCatalog you can target new Buyers by emailing selective products via a line hyperlink bypassing most spam software.   Change customer properties on the fly; reset order limits, disable order processing, disable access, send email notifications, and more.   Easily manage any website page with the screen preferences tool. All fields are defined by powerful attributes allowing font, color, border changes.  

FlexOweb Ecommerce Application

The Flexoweb e-commerce system is designed to be the premiere online sales tool for the wholesale and retail industry. As a web-based product that provides for the rapid construction and ongoing maintenance of online storefronts, Flexoweb enables any business to leverage the Internet as a sales/marketing channel. Designed from the ground up to support both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) channels, coupled with the Electronic eCatalog feature allows Flexoweb to be the solution for any wholesale/retail business.

Partial Feature List
Multi-department design allows you to show specific product lines or brands to only the buyers you choose.
Departmental Commerce/Catalog mode allows you to allow/prevent ordering directly from the online storefront. Therefore you can mandate that specific buyers must phone or fax orders while others can order online.
eCatalog sends an email to your prospects which contains a link to a subset of your products that you've specifically tailored for them. You can secure your eCatalog by requiring an optional password.
Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases traffic to your online store by making your products found through various portal sites and search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).
All-in-one e-commerce application solution: FlexOweb ecommerce provides top of the line modern shopping cart features for your online ecommerce website acting as your marketing vehicle.
  QUALITY, SERVICE AND VALUE  ( More Testimonials )
  "The Flexoweb sales tool is extremely user friendly. Our wholesalers like utilizing this tool to view our product line at their convenience, and the Flexoweb customer service team is quick to respond to any issue."   "I have very limited knowledge of computers and different software, yet was able to "develop" and set up our brand new wholesale web site in about a day and a half - from beginning to end. The Flexoweb Staff was always available and very patient with all my questions."   "Flexoweb allows us to easily adjust/change our online product offerings by a click of the mouse; the functionality and built in SEO (search engine optimization) has improved our position on Google and across the Internet resulting in increased sales”  
  Thierry Goyer, President
  Molly Richardson, Owner
Polish Pottery
  Ed Collica, President
The Lighting Center
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Flexoweb is a powerful full featured web application. The application is accessible via the ASP (application service provider) delivery model making Flexoweb available 24/7 over the Internet. The application runs on your computer through standard web browsers therefore no software is every loaded on your computer. Supporting both consumer and wholesale allows your business more product exposure therefore creating more sales opportunities.  Our wholesale model is the best on the web, we securely protect your products from roaming eyes and allow only pre-approved buyers the luxury of viewing your wholesale product line. When new lines become available Flexoweb makes it easy to upload the line either by screen input of via quick spreadsheet uploads. With Flexoweb your business can support different wholesale buyer types (i.e. small boutiques, medium size retailers, to large chain stores). Different pricing and minimums can accompany the individual buyer type.