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Below are some commonly asked questions
Expand What exactly does the Flexoweb system provide to our business?
  • We provide all the necessary training to get your staff up and running with your new website. This includes how to use the website and the management console (application). It is from this console that you and your staff make changes to the website in real-time mode. The management console is provided through a web browser which allows any authorized user access from an Internet connected computer.
  • We provide all hosting for your Flexoweb storefront. This service also includes our Microsoft certified technical service which keeps your website running in peak performance 24/7.
  • We provide all future standard enhancements to our customers at no additional charge. Since the Flexoweb management console is delivered via a web browser you will always be running the latest version.
  • We assist in helping you change DNS (domain name services) provided your registrar has a web interface.
Expand I have a domain name; can I use it for my Flexoweb storefront?
Yes, you will need to contact your current provider and have them create an "A" record to point your website URL to the Flexoweb servers. (e.g. or ) Our technical service team can assist you or perform this on your behalf.
Please note: Your domain name registration remains with your current registrar and you are responsible for all ongoing domain name registration/renewal fees.
Expand Can I transfer my domain name to Flexoweb's DNS servers?
No, if you already have a domain name then it needs to remain with your current registrar.
If you don't have a domain name there are many on-line registrars to choose from to name a few:
Expand I already have a URL domain name that I want to keep. What will Flexoweb use?
You can use an existing domain name for your Flexoweb website. There are many options available to you. If you plan on using Flexoweb to support only your wholesale customers and you already have a website for consumers or information, then we can make the wholesale customer website something associated with your current URL name.
Expand Will you provide any Email accounts for my new Flexoweb website?
No, we do not provide any Email accounts; this should be handled by your registrar or other outside service.
Expand How quickly can my new Flexoweb website be put on-line?
Once your signed contract and payment have been received we will create a temporary website. This will allow you to immediately begin entering your products, pricing, and uploading of any images. Once you choose a template, we complete your website generally within a few days. Many of our customers are online within the first week of signing their contract.
Expand If I have a question or a concern about my Flexoweb webiste how quickly can I speak to a sales representative?
Most incoming calls are handled immediately. If your question requires level two technical support, then a qualified technician will return your call with-in a four-hour period. Please note our level one support is handling 98% of all incoming questions at this time, so you can rest assured that the majority of your questions will be answered immediately. We pride ourselves in our quick response to technical support issues.
Expand Can I use your service on a month by month basis?
No, we only support yearly contracts for our Flexoweb customers. We do this for the following reason, being that much time and resources are utilized in creating your website and web presence. The cost of this service is built into our yearly contract which we feel is more important than just increasing our customer base. In other words we want you to renew after your first year and we are committed to providing your business with the best service and know-how to handle this task. Time is money and we only want to provide our expertise to customers willing to make a commitment as we are willing to do. We feel strongly that our customers are more like partners in that when we increase their sales and bottom line we are creating a synergy between out two organizations.
Expand I have a question but I don't see it listed here in your FAQ's section?
No problem, just call our Customer Support Team at (845) 623-2310. We will be happy to address all your questions and concerns.
  QUALITY, SERVICE AND VALUE  ( More Testimonials )
  "The Flexoweb sales tool is extremely user friendly. Our wholesalers like utilizing this tool to view our product line at their convenience, and the Flexoweb customer service team is quick to respond to any issue."   "I have very limited knowledge of computers and different software, yet was able to "develop" and set up our brand new wholesale web site in about a day and a half - from beginning to end. The Flexoweb Staff was always available and very patient with all my questions."   "Flexoweb allows us to easily adjust/change our online product offerings by a click of the mouse; the functionality and built in SEO (search engine optimization) has improved our position on Google and across the Internet resulting in increased sales”  
  Thierry Goyer, President
  Molly Richardson, Owner
Polish Pottery
  Ed Collica, President
The Lighting Center
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